Thursday, December 13, 2012

Yep, She's Ours

I can’t stop thinking about this post that was on This Little Miggy’s blog a few weeks ago.  I held off for a week from going on to the website that Miggy was forwarding to her readers called, Reece’s Rainbow.  I couldn't click on the website only because I didn’t think I could handle seeing little children who had been abandoned in far off countries due to their disabilities.  Finally, I did.  I was touched… no, I was moved.  I cried as I read EACH and EVERY post about these little children that had no one to love them.    

My thoughts turn to Lily, as always.  Especially when I see something like this.  These little children who suffer from some of the same setbacks as Lily, yet are so far from what she HAS.  Namely, parents. 

What if Lily hadn’t been sent to our family?  What if she was one of the children in these photos?  My emotions lose control as my eyes tear up just thinking about the possibility of it.  Why was Lily so blessed to be sent to our home?  Why was SHE sent to a mother and father who dearly love her?  Parents who can’t put her down and tend to smother her with kisses.  Then I think, “Why were WE so blessed to have Lily sent to US?”
My Mom and Lily at the airport.  How cute is this?
Martin and I feel so grateful to have Lily and to have her under our care.  I will happily take on the disabilities that Lily struggles with.  Yes, I will continue to be upset when I feel frustrated that she isn’t improving as fast as I’d like, because I know there is still hope that she will.  I will gladly wake her each morning in her warm, pink room with hugs, kisses and silly made up songs.  I am so humbled that we get to learn from her, love on her, and call her ours.  I am so grateful to be her mother.   

Take a moment and visit this site.  Look into the faces of these sweet, sweet children.  Who is kissing on them?  Who is rocking them at night when they are sick or scared?  I am humbled.  My heart breaks for them.  Please keep these little ones in your thoughts and prayers.  Pray that they find their home.