Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Husband the Adventurer

Lately, I've been a little on edge.  So much so that I have been a little consumed with my thoughts and they have mostly been turned toward my husband, Martin.  You see, what I failed to mention in the past few months (and probably why I can't seem to sit down and write out my thoughts on my blog) is that as soon as we came home from our trip through Europe, Martin left for Papua New Guinea to climb the Carstenz Pyramid (one of the 7 summits).  He climbed it quickly and with success and was home by the end of October.  Two weeks later, he left for Paris for a week to wrap up some business, came home for a day, packed his climbing clothes and left for Antarctica. It's been crazy busy. Of course, more for him, but also for me (No husband makes for an unhappy wife.  I miss him like the dickens).
Martin Ice Climbing.
Martin left for Antarctica 3 days before Thanksgiving, where he has been attempting to summit Mt. Vinson; which is his final summit of the 7.  (Seven Summits here.) The weather has been far from agreeable, delaying his summit at number 7 for almost a week.  A real nail biter on my part.

Well, just about an hour ago, I heard from my beloved at the top of the 7th summit!  He did it and I couldn't be more pleased, elated, giddy, jumping up for joy, etc...  Martin has officially climbed all Seven Summits!  (Break out the hats and streamers!)

In order for me to save a little time, I thought I would include the email that I just sent out to friends and family detailing his final summit and other plans he is accomplishing while hanging out near the South Pole.

"What may seem like an ordinary day for most of us today, may not be the case for Martin.  

Great news!  I just heard from Martin, via satellite phone, calling me from the top of the summit of Mt Vinson in Antarctica!  It took Martin and his team six hours to reach the summit today.  He was so happy and, of course, I was in tears.  Partly because I was so happy that he reached his goal of climbing all 7 summits and partly because he arrived safe and in good health. (I may have shed a few more knowing that this is the last of these and maybe I get my husband home a little more.  A little selfish, I know.)

Once Martin gets back to base camp later today, he and a few others will fly to Union Glacier, Antarctica (another base camp) where he will probably rest for a day.  After a little respite, he will catch another flight that will take him to Thiel Mountain which is 89 degrees South latitude.  There, he will take off to cross-country ski the remaining 70 miles to the South Pole (pulling a 120-pound sled) where he will conquer the Final Degree—the geographic South Pole.  At 15 miles out, from the South Pole, the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station will become visible (marking the center of the South Pole) and there he will hike in becoming one of the few individuals to arrive at this point on foot.  This expedition will take Martin and his team, around 9-10 days with about eight hours of skiing each day with little rest.  

Unfortunately, Martin will miss the first of only two flights (on a twin otter plane that is only scheduled on the 17th and 31st, weather permitting) that leaves from the South Pole to take him back to civilization and eventually a Delta flight to bring home to us here in Utah.  This means that Martin will miss Christmas at home this year... and New Year's. (Insert really sad faces here in Utah).  This will probably be harder on Martin than for Meredith, Lily and myself because the South Pole seems a whole lot farther away when you're there, freezing and a lot lonelier when you're away from family.  We will really miss him but we are so happy that he has this opportunity to conquer this goal.  I would love to say, "His final goal" but if you know Martin, when one goal is marked off, another strangely appears.  

Love to you all and hope this email finds you well, full of joy and Christmas spirit.

I am just so grateful." 

There are lot's more adventures for Martin AND for me, but I'll hold off until we have it all set in stone.  I love being this man's wife and love the zeal that he has for THIS life—it keeps me from being too lazy.  Yes, I am so sad that he won't be home for Christmas, but I also understand that this is the ONLY time that this can be done and that this is a goal that I could never keep from him.

I couldn't be happier for Martin.

Great job, babe! (Since I know you're an avid reader of my blog.)

I wrote this entry on Martin's blog when I was waiting to hear from him as he was climbing to the top of Everest.  I still feel the same way.  I love this man.