Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Not Moving On, Just Moving Over...

I love this blog, and it is a wonderful outlet for me in expressing my thoughts and experiences with life and with our little Lily.

I just wanted to give you a heads up that I have started a second blog chronicaling a new adventure that my husband, Martin, and I will be doing over the next year with Lily.  You see, we bought a boat. A pretty big one.  Martin, my adventurous husband, decided that it was time we hit the sea and travel for the next year by boat.  Crazy?  A little.  Worth it?  Totally!

Anyway, because I am finding that I am less of a multi-tasker and can't seem to maintain both blogs without feeling completely guilty, I thought I should 'fess up and direct you to my newest blog.

I'm not walking away from My Delayed Fairytale, I'm just going to try and figure out how to maintain both blogs (which serve different purposes for me).  So, until I get this all figured out, maybe you might want to mozy over to my new blog SailingAmara to see what our family is up to now.  It should be a fun adventure.  I seriously want to pinch myself thinking that we are going to do this!

I hope you enjoy!  Check back from time to time though because as soon as I get settled on the boat and figure out my rhythm, I'm sure I'll still want to share my more personal thoughts over here.  So don't go away!  Just give me a minute to adjust to all of this change.

Stay tuned, and come pay us a visit at SailingAmara!