Thursday, December 1, 2011


— n
the faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident (source:

Believe me, what I am about to tell you was NO accident. 
While we were in New York last week, we paid a visit to the very popular restaurant/dessert paradise,  Serendipity 3 (3? Because 3 guys started the place), to get their famous Frozen Hot Chocolate.

It did not disappoint.  Serendipity has an old-fashioned charm with it's soda shop decor that includes Tiffany lamps, feathers, beaded lights and more feathers.
Serendipity's Signature Dessert—Frozen Hot Chocolate
Nothing could have brought me more happiness at that moment, especially after Martin and I had tried to hail a cab for an hour in the pouring rain just to get there!  (I kept telling Martin to get out of the way, cab drivers will always stop for "desperate moms with kids in strollers,"  especially in the rain!  Well folks, I am here to tell you, they don't.  Take the subway.  It's always faster.)

Back to dessert.

The true delight of the evening was that we got to see one of our dearest family friends, Laura, aka Babes, who met us for dinner and dessert.

Once we got to Serendipity's, we found out there was a bit of a wait. Being that we were in New York, there was no room for us to "wait" for our table and it was raining outside.  So, Martin said he'd stay with Lil' while Babes and I ran over to Dylan's Candy Bar (Ralph Lauren's Daughter) for a little, ummm... dessert BEFORE our dessert (Cue: Caught red-handed face).  "Dylan's" is right up the street from Serendipity. We had so much fun just roaming the aisles of candy, taffy, gummy's, fudge, gumballs, suckers, etc... You name it, Dylan had it. Yum!  (Like how I just say, "Dylan", like she is my best friend?  In fact, if we knew each other, we probably would be.  I'm one of those people that just assumes we're already friends.)

It was a candy lover's heaven.
Finally, back at Serendipity's, the heavens parted and we got a perfect little table over in the corner.  This is where I made a huge mistake. I insisted that we each get our OWN Frozen Hot Chocolate.  It was an indulgent delight and it respectfully needed to be enjoyed thoroughly by not having to share. Rather, by me not having to share.

I sipped the frozen treat with great fervor and delight to the very end.  Yes, I did get sick to my stomach, but that is beside the point.  I think it was well worth the several ice cream headaches that I suffered during my heavy slurping as well as the mind-blowing nausea that I felt following the 850 calorie drink.  "IT WAS WORTH IT!", I keep telling this to myself.  Any one have a TUMS?

Martin wasn't too much of a fan of the Frozen Hot Chocolate, so he opted for the Apple Pie.  But guess who was? (Please refer to first picture in this post to receive your answer).
Lily couldn't stop, it was just too dreamy.
That's right, our own little Miss Lily Faith Frey. You couldn't pry the straw away from her.

Before we said our final goodbyes to the Big Apple, Martin and I took a few pretty sweet photos with our iphones.  (Did I mention that I FORGOT to bring my real camera on the trip? Boo!)
Photo 1: Industrial View  Photo 2: The last remnants of Fall  Photo 3: Ellis Island Ferry Pier  
Photo 4: New York from the New Jersey vantage point. 
Photo 1: New York skyline at sunset  Photo 2: On our way to Ellis Island  
Photo 3: Monument at the World Trade Center to those who lost their lives.

Lady Liberty at sunset.  

New York, you always make me happy when I come for a visit.  I had a great time and can't wait to get back.

P.S. Does every toddler make this kind of a mess on an airplane?  I mean, really? (Don't worry, I cleaned it all up before we landed.)  It's amazing the kind of mess this kid can make in the blink of an eye.

*All photos taken via Instagram.