Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our Story...The Condensed Version

One day...

This girl, Kym.
Was lined up by her sister with this guy, Martin, and they went on a date.
Then they went on LOTS of fun dates.

And then... One night, in the middle of a lake, Martin proposed marriage to Kym.
Of course, she said, "Yes!"

So, 6 WEEKS later on November 29, 2007, they got married. 

Along with this fabulous union, Kym inherited a new daughter. Her name is Meredith.

So, Kym and Meredith went to Barcelona together... it only seemed appropriate. wink.
The story gets even better for Kym...

Soon after Kym and Martin were married,  Kym got pregnant.

(If you're wondering where a picture is of Kym pregnant, you can forget it!  Keep scrolling!)

One year and two months later after Martin and Kym were married, they had a beautiful daughter and named her Lily Faith.

Now they are a family of four.

And four years later, TODAY, they still continue to live happily.


Credit where credit is due:

First photo and wedding photos by Zuma photography - Great Wedding Photographer in Salt Lake City.
Baby photo of Little Lil's by Little Starling photography - Great Photographer now in New Mexico.
Christmas photos of our family by Moxie photography - Great Portrait and Wedding Photographer in Provo, Utah.