Monday, December 5, 2011

Because We Need A Little Christmas

Before I was married, I was such a Scrooge.  I loved Christmas only because it meant vacation days. It wasn't ever really about enjoying the spirit of it all.  I never ever let myself become fully vested in the spirit of the season.  I loved Christmas, but I didn't LOVE Christmas.  I just didn't see the point--and that was completely my fault. 

Before I was married, I was always the employee that would volunteer to work Christmas Day and get paid overtime. When I finally grew up and got a corporate job that actually paid me to take Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off, I'd still check my work email throughout the day and wouldn't fully engage in all the Christmas hype. I had a small tree with small ornaments to match my small heart that was void of real Christmas cheer.  Sounds like I was more of a Grinch than a Scrooge.

Before I was married, Christmas always reminded me that even though I was surrounded by family, I was still alone.  As much as I acted like it didn't matter, it did, and if I wasn't "alone," in actuality, I really was.

Before I was married, I had my fair share of boyfriends to share the Christmas season with and we would exchange presents more out of obligation.  Don't get me wrong, I always loved buying presents for _________ (insert past boyfriends name here), but I always hesitated in buying the big ticket items.  I was always in fear of us eventually breaking up come the new year, making my purchase a BAD investment.  Remember, I was a pro at being single, and I knew things could go south for no explicable reason.  

Case in point. In cycle camp last week, our "coach" (I use that term loosely because I am nowhere close to being a threat on the road or in a race) was reviewing what is the best outerwear for biking outside in weather that is 40 degrees or lower.  Like I am going to ride my bike in 40 degrees.  Then our coach showed us this super insulated, light jacket that has a hefty price tag at around $450.  It was made especially for the hardcore cyclist.  When I saw it, I said to Martin, "Hey, you have that jacket!"  He replied, "I know, I got it as a present once."  (Big ticket item.)  All I could think was, "Ahhh, poor girl."

Now, fast forward four years (wow, time flies) and an almost three-year-old in tow.  People, "I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF CHRISTMAS!"  My Christmas decorations were up on December 2nd.  They are decadent and shiny, and each room glows with twinkle lights.  I LOVE IT ALL!
Now that I'm married, lately all I do is eat, drink, sleep and THINK about Christmas 24/7.  All I want to do is make it more cheery.  In church yesterday, I found myself mapping out the lighting that I want to do on the outside of the house.  This past week, I found myself going to craft stores like Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Roberts, and Joanne's Fabrics and scooping up red and green, shiny objects right next to the best of them.  I'd walk into Walgreens, Home Depot, and Target to just "check out" their lighting section.  I can't get enough!  I feel like my appetite can't be satiated.  It's as if I had been starving myself for the last 20 years. Wait, I was.
Now that I'm married, I want to add to the excitement of the holiday.  Lately, I find myself pulling over to the side of the road to show Lily the Christmas lights and to take photos of anything Christmas related.  I envy these people.  They are old pros at this game called Christmas cheer.

So, in light of the the spirit of the season,  I think it's only appropriate that I post some photos of my daily finds every once in awhile.  Here are my first few discoveries because we ALL need a little Christmas.
Note:  If you haven't purchased the new Michael Buble' Christmas collection this year, you might want to go buy or download it ASAP. Fast forward to Track 15, "Feliz Navidad."  I promise that you won't be able to constrain yourself from singing along and feeling the cheerfulness of Christmas.
Caution: You may sing in your car at high decibels without completely knowing all the words.  Don't worry, nobody cares, so sing away!
This is completely unrelated, but look at my little nerd and her new hobby.  She loves pulling books off my bookshelves while I'm working in my office/laundry room. We "play" this game all day long--even if I'm not sitting at my computer.  It's exhausting.