Saturday, November 12, 2011

If You Could See What I Know

Dear Lily,

It's entirely too early and I do mind that you are up and ready to start the day even though I, in fact, am not.  So, I am putting you back to bed.

Before I do, I  want you to know a few things that I see every time we play your favorite pastime of looking deep into my eyes, forehead to forehead and nose to nose.  Regardless of the hour, this is what I see when your eyes playfully catch mine:

I see hope.  I see love.  I see nobility.  I see a child of God.  I see a choice gift that was given to me by a loving Heavenly Father who entrusted me and your dad with you, our angel.  I see a bright future, a happy future—I see our family's future.  I see eternity.  I see intelligence.  I see faith.  Faith in you, and faith in us; your parents, who were hand-picked to raise you.  I see the Master's hand in His version of perfection.

Lastly, I see a gift that is often given to mothers—I see me in your eyes.  You have my eyes, you know?  How lucky am I?  I get to have the most precious gift ever given to me have MY eyes.  I am blessed.

Lily, when you're looking into my eyes, I want you to always see LOVE in its rarest form—unconditional. That you recognize strength and a relentless spirit for good.  I want you to see kindness towards others and willing hands. I'm working hard on that one.

A mother always wants to be perfect in the eyes of her child.  So, Lily, is it too much to ask that when you look into my eyes that you see slight traces of  perfection?  Maybe different degrees or versions of it (if there is such a thing) spliced together, and maybe a bit disheveled, but close enough?

Now, the last of all my wishes.  I hope that when you look into my eyes that you really SEE me and that you recognize that I too, have your eyes.  Our eyes.

It's time for sleep Lil' Faith.  Sweet dreams, little one.

With deep and loving arms and eyes,

Your mother

Post Script: I could have done a little PhotoShop to remove the mascara under my eyes, but it's too early to play that game.  So, I am keeping it real, as usual.

1 Samuel 1:27