Thursday, November 10, 2011


Want to know the best thing you can ever do for your 2-year-old that's completely entertaining for you as well? Try taking them to the Yo Gabba Gabba! Live show. 

Just like in the story, when Pinocchio turned into a real boy—Lily turned into a real toddler yesterday. But this is no story, and Lily is the real deal!  

You know the kind of toddler that dances offbeat to the music? Smiles from ear to ear?  The child that can't pull their eyes from the entertainment and WANTS to be a PART of the entertainment?  Well, that was Lily the minute the show started. 

I could tell that Lily felt the excitement immediately when we entered the theater.  As each of us took our own seat, she looked all around taking in her surroundings with care.  Seated beside her, in front of her, and BEHIND her were two, three and four-year-olds!  She was in heaven.  No, they were ALL in heaven.
Lily looking around, taking in all the commotion
and seeing little people all around her.
When the lights went down, and the beat went up, this kid was ready to get down and dance. It was so entertaining to see how she responded to the music.  It changes her.  It brings out a side to Lily that is just starting to manifest itself this past month.  Like most of us, I think music gets to her soul a bit more, awakens her senses; making her come alive.  It was so amazing that I could hardly contain myself while I watched her swing her head from shoulder-to-shoulder the ENTIRE show.

Okay. Not the best video, but it was the only time she would let me film her without pulling at the camera.    

I could only get video of her during the intermission.  However, she was still swaying to the music and singing (even though there wasn't any music.  Shhh! Don't tell her).  I cried 3 times.  I'm a huge boob when it comes to Lily's accomplishments.  This is kind of huge for us right now.

The cutest thing was at the end of the show, a little six-year-old and her sister (who were seated in front of us with their little brother) tapped me on the arm and said, "You have the cutest little girl in the world." And I said, "Well you two are the cutest six and seven-year-olds in the world."  They curled their shoulders, coyly smiled and then I told them Lily's name.  The six-year-old said, "Oh, my favorite name!"  How lucky are those parents to have such sweet and polite little girls? Loved that interaction with them.

Honestly?  I may be exaggerating just a tinge, but this was the best money I've ever spent.  We may have just become Gabba! groupies. Get me their tour dates! 

If you want to be entertained for a good two hours, GO! We loved it.  
Photo 1: Waiting for the show to start.   Photo 2:  She wouldn't take her eyes off the stage. I had to turn her head toward the camera. Photo 3: Nope, not taking her eyes off the stage for one second.
 Still not budging. 
Gabba! girlfriends and their little mates.
Worst part... they're more beautiful on the inside than
they are on the outside.  Disgusting, eh?
Leslie Hall.  
The reason I went to Gabba.  I love her. If only I could be that funny. 

Have you seen her in this?  Or this
(At least I know my bro-in-law, Dale, will totally watch these.)  

Don't you love her fannypack side flairs? Also, her colonel-esgue, African-ish inspired shoulder board and tresses? Such class. 

P.S.  She is T.I.N.Y. now. 

If only I got a better picture of her up close...

Oh wait, I did!
Look at Lily.  She's like, "What the heck are you doing, mom?! Have some dignity?" 

I told Leslie that I wanted to do something in the picture that came "naturally" to her. Okay, I said, "Let's do something funny." She was totally hip to teaching me her best pose.  She said, "Now bring your chin down to your neck so that you can get a good double chin with me."

I need to work on my mouth and amp up the shadow, but not bad for my first try and under Lily-pressure.

If Lily could talk, she would say, "Worth. Every. Penny."

Best friends telling each other about their favorite parts in the show (We think).  
They "gabbed" all the way home. Precious.