Monday, November 7, 2011

Goodnight Moon. Goodbye Sun.

Lily Loves Books

Well, she loves to eat them.  She loves to turn the pages and then gnaw on the corners like a little puppy dog. There is nothing endearing about it.  In fact, it may put her in the dog house if she doesn't straighten up soon.  

Martin and I try to sternly say, "No, Lily. No!"  She just looks up and smiles and then turns right back down and begins chewing on the corners as if she didn't have a care in the world.  
All of Lily's really nice books have been put on a high shelf and left for later... when she isn't so canine-y.  It really drives me and Martin nuts because sometimes she gets a hold of our books and leaves her signature trademark. Chewed corners.
See the book that has the red inside sleeve in the photo above? Martin and I had her in the basement last night and we were working on her 72-hour kit (more on that later). We were so engrossed on what would keep her most warm in a time of catastrophe that we didn't noticed our own little catastrophe happening under our noses.  Lily had pulled down a collector's book of poems right off the shelf.  By the time we did notice, she had chewed the corner so badly that it probably dropped its value down to .22 cents.  Little terremoto.  

Lil' Faith Goes Shopping 
Did I mention that Lily used to love to sit in grocery carts? ...As long as you drove it like a race car driver. 

Lily doesn't laugh spontaneously and when she does laugh, it takes some concentrated effort on the attempt-ee's part. Meaning, me and Martin. When she loved a good spin in her cart, I would take full advantage of the free belly laughs that came from her little baby body. I'd zip through Target taking corners at high shopping cart speeds while she would laugh and giggle so hard she'd lose her breath.  It was so precious.  And so, I'd keep doing it—even though I probably looked like I was a bit off-center.  

Now, as far as shopping carts go, she doesn't like them so much anymore. "Been there, done that," she says.  She pretty much hates shopping carts.  Once we hit the 20 minute mark she is done and starts getting all fidgety.  She proceeds to grunt letting me know of her disapproval for not recognizing that I have exceeded my time limit—like most kids.  Yay! She is acting like most kids!  Anyway, her moaning makes for frazzled shopping on my part because not only does she moan, but she becomes limp and falls over to either side of the cart. Her body becomes so limp that I have to hold her up in the cart if I am going to keep up these shenanigans.  Once I came home with 3 cartons of eggs.  Mind you, there are 2.5 members in our household.  No need for 3 cartons of eggs.  
Can you stand the cuteness?
However, this day Lily couldn't have been happier.  I'm not sure why because we were at the store for a good hour and half (waiting on a prescription). I had to snap some photos because I couldn't stand the cuteness to be wasted on just the pharmacist. She had belly laughs and all. Ahhh. It was like old times.

Could it be any prettier outside my front door right now? 
I'm telling you, Utah is breathtaking this time of year.

P.S.  Thank you all for your kind comments and emails on Lily's behalf. I have gotten so many emails and inbox emails from my Facebook that it has been hard to keep up even though I LOVE email and comments.  Know that all your advice on Lily's behalf has not been overlooked. In fact, it has made me rethink a few things that could help improve Lily's daily life.  So thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Only because Lily and Martin have the majority of it.  So, please, keep your comments coming.  They are so appreciated.  If you'd prefer to email me, I have posted my email in the right-hand, upper sidebar of my blog.