Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Back to Normal Life

So, I'm not a great blogger when I travel... 

I really wanted to write about each city while we were over in Europe.  The truth is, we saw 61 cities and plowed through 13 countries--so I was a little more than tired at the end of each day to form a sentence, let alone a snappy post.

Even though I am home now, I'm still going to write about each of my adventures to these beautiful cities.  I am going to buckle down this next week and try and write about some of my favorite places and experiences so that I never forget about this beautiful part of the world and the amazing time I had with Martin and Lily.  Honestly, it was all so perfect that it's going to be hard to not post every single photo that I took while I was there.

This week I have been getting back into the groove of being responsible; like actually preparing meals, doing laundry and oh, getting little Miss Lily Faith back to school.  Which leads to the photo I took of Lily's first day of school.

I love this photo because the morning she started back I kept saying to her, "Lily, you get to go to school today and you get to ride the bus!"  I wondered if she knew what I was even talking about or if she would even remember anything about school since our summer was long and I'm never sure what sticks and stays in this little lady's head.  I knew the clincher would be if she recognized the school bus when it came to pick her up and take her back to Miss Mary, her teacher.

I loaded Lily up in her wheelchair and rolled her out to the end of our driveway to wait for the bus to come.  Just as I was setting up the perfect light and getting Lily settled, the bus came 5 minutes earlier than I had planned.  Lily's eyes caught sight of the school bus immediately, and all of a sudden she let out an audible squeal when the bus pulled up to the curb.  I was so amazed at seeing her reaction that I forgot to take the camera out and document her delight.  When I did remember, I fumbled and hurried but was only able to take one picture before I had to load her onto the bus.

I think this photo pretty much sums up her excitement.