Sunday, December 18, 2011

One Step At A Time

The lady likes to lounge. 
I have come to realize that the month of December is just plain busy.  Busy. Busy. Busy.  I honestly don't know when I have had a chance to sit during the day.  When I go to sleep at night, I sleep hard. Which is great for me because normally I am a night owl and treasure my time alone.  These past few weeks, when Martin heads off to bed, I can't wait to join him in the land of Nod. Zzzzzzzz.  I get excited just thinking about my pillow.

In the midst of all the Christmas "hustle and bustle" Lily and I have paid a visit to her speech therapist, physical therapist and to her rehab Doctor (I always giggle when I say I am taking Lily to "rehab").

This may not be "new" news, but while we were at the rehabilitation clinic at Primary Children's Hospital on Friday, Lil's doc asked, "Does Lily have a pet? Like a dog?"  Martin had joined us on the visit and was playing with Lily and not completely listening to the question posed by Dr. G.  I was SOOO hoping he hadn't heard what Dr. G had just said.  I quickly tried to do one of these, "uh, well, uh..." I lost all train of thought and noticed that Martin was back in the conversation when Dr. G asked again, " know, like a small dog? Something that will roll around with her. Play with her when you aren't able.  Something that will keep her constantly stimulated.  We highly recommend that she have one."  Martin smiled a big grin and said, "A dog?! Wait. Lily needs a dog!"  It was like manna falling from the sky straight into his ears since this has long been a discussion even before Lily was born.

Don't get me wrong, I love animals.  I grew up on a real farm where we had all kinds of animals.  We even had a Lama named Burt Reynolds.  We had dogs for as long as I can remember.  The problem is, when you have animals, you have to train them.  Then you have to feed them.  Then when they get sick, you sometimes have to take them to the doctor.  Worse, don't even think about leaving town unless you have a game plan. You have to have a doggy sitter.  Martin and I like to pick up and go. At least with Lily, we can pack her and take her with us.  Does that mean we would have to pack up the family pet as well?  This, along with the whole potty training, feeding, barking, yelping and chewing have been concerns for me. It is why I haven't been able to be completely convinced about man's best friend being MY best friend.

However, when Dr. G. posed the question, I was tongue-tied.  How can I NOT get a dog for Lily that would be her companion while also helping her to be stimulated without my immediate assitance?
HOW CAN I SAY NO?  I couldn't.  So, Martin and I are apparently "in the market."  We have had a lot of help in recommendations and we are so grateful because both of us aren't all that savvy to dogs that work well with children.  Especially with a child that will tug on it's ears a little more than it will have bargained for.

Actually, I'm kind of excited but even more excited for Lily.  So our search continues, our jury is deliberating, and I am sure that Santa or Baby New Year will be dropping off a little present for Lily come the next little while.  Maybe not (See, I'm still not completely convinced).  However, I will be happy if it makes Lily happy.


Lily is still a bit wobbly on her walker.
Okay, she's a lot wobbly but she is getting the hang of it.
Did you know that I witnessed a miracle this week?  This really should have been a post all itself, but as I mentioned, "hustle and bustle" got the better of me.  However, in the midst of a busy week, I got to witness a real live miracle.  

Lily hates, I mean HATES to stand on her own and will only do so if she is anchored onto someone.  When she is in my presence, she outright protests (She knows I'm a sucker) and won't think about standing, even with my assistance.  

Mike, Lily's physical therapist, came over for a weekly visit two weeks ago. With him was a walker.  I laughed when I opened the door and saw him holding this little miniature walker.  I said, "Is that what I think it is?  Mike, she is no where close to using a walker."  (That was the natural man talking.  The one that doesn't often witness miracles.)  Mike told me that an old patient had given it back to him that day and Mike felt like it needed to go to our home fully knowing that Lily is no where close to walking.  I mean, not even close. Still he brought it.  The first week, we just got her in it and used to the contraption.  We put her hands around it.  We let her sit in it and look around and really, that was about it.
This week, Mike had her standing in it and pushed her around the house in it—which she found to be most entertaining.  Even with all the pushing around, she still hated it.  When it came time to stand and shuffle her feet she hemmed and hawed about disliking all the work that is needed for this vertical world, but not enough to buckle her knees and say, "forget about it."  Instead, she kept trying as long as Mike was right there with her and coaxing her along.  It was precious.

Then the miracle came when I least expected it.  My little girl stood up and held herself for about 8 seconds.  I was floored.  I didn't even know if she got the whole concept of it, but for a moment, she did and I was elated.  ELATED!

So proud of herself. Lily is standing on her own.  Miracle #2,022.  I wouldn't believe it unless I saw it for myself.  Folks, this is the real deal!

I attached a little clip of Lily and the first few moments of her trying out her new wheels.  I hope it makes you smile as much as it made me while watching her shuffle across the kitchen floor.  Such a cutie.