Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lucky Momma

Lil' Faith was under the weather for a little while this past week.  In turn, I was under the weather for a little while.  Which meant early, early mornings that resulted in PJ's until noon on a few of those days.  I hate those days.  Every mother knows those days.  Every mother dreads those days.  And yet they come, and we "pony up" and nurture, kiss, love, visit the doctor, get shots, and love on our babies.  Of course, that last one—I LOVE doing that one.

Sick Day

Day 1: Sick Baby + 3:00 a.m. = Tired Momma
Day 2: UP ALL NIGHT! Really.
Unfortunately, Martin was gone doing an Adventure Race up in the mountains, somewhere. So we were all alone and I was TIRED.

LUCKILY, my mother has super powers and her super powers told her to come over and save her daughter and granddaughter from eminent destruction.  And she did.  And we recovered. YAY!


Things started looking up! No more sick Lily and no more sick Momma. Whew.

Happy Momma = Happy (and CLEAN) Home

So we went on a ROAD TRIP to watch Martin compete in a tennis tournament.  

Things didn't start off so great until we broke out the, "I spy..." game.
Soon she forgot about her disdain for her car seat. Poor kid.

We stayed with our fun and lovely friends, Dave and Carla.  We love them.  

Lily LOVES Dave

Luckily, Martin won the gold medal and brought pride to the Frey family name.  But before he won the gold, he almost lost the match.  So I yelled from the stands, "You don't win silver, YOU LOSE GOLD!"  I saw him laugh, and then he WON! Good coaches always have the ability to get their athletes amped! I must be a good coach.

Martin's contenders were from China and before the first match started, they gave him a bracelet for prosperity and a red rope with a jade buddha hanging from the end to bring him good luck.  Martin gave them jellybeans.  Boo!  But that is all we could find in the wake of the moment.  Fortunately we brought enough wrapped jellybeans for the entire China contingent (about 7), so we saved face with our silly present.  *Next time, remember to bring something cooler than jellybellies.

Lily looked spook-tacular in her finest Halloween outfit.

While we were still on our trip, there was one night when I couldn't sleep. I was awake off and on all night. As I stared into the dark of the night, I could hear the two people that I love the most taking deep, long breaths in unison. Surprisingly, I loved that moment. I cherished that moment. I loved hearing those two sleep away while I counted my blessings for my TWO huge blessings.  

Then I got up and took a picture of my little sleeping beauty.  Because I love how still she is when she sleeps surrounded by her beloved blankets.

How do I keep her from growing up?

Before we knew it, we came home from our trip and then Lily got to play in her favorite spot in the family room. Under a chair. She loves to roll over to furniture and play under it. 

And then I gave her a much needed bath.

Dad took over with Lily duties and put her to sleep while I washed bottles
and tomatoes from the garden.

Then I counted my blessings, again, for this funny little kid because she's
 mine AND I get to keep her FOREVER!

Lil' loves her Nana's glasses.

...and THAT folks, is what makes me the luckiest momma in the world!