Tuesday, September 6, 2011

No Laboring Here

This weekend was Labor Day weekend. Duh. Except I had forgotten it was a three-day weekend until I was reminded of it on Friday by my husband (who obviously had forgotten as well or he would have spoken up sooner). What? We had absolutely no plans! Truthfully, I was kind of okay with it; I had a lot of weeding to do out back. In fact, that’s what I should be doing right now instead of blogging. But this is way more fun. Anyway, Martin wanted to do SOMETHING. You see for Martin, weekends - or rather Saturdays - are not meant for weeding gardens. We have to DO something—and it usually involves aerobic activity in some form or another.
On Friday, Martin and I planned on having a date night. FINALLY! Usually when Friday comes, I forget that it’s Friday (shocking) and have thus forgotten to secure a babysitter for Lil’ Faith. And it looked like that was going to happen once again since I hadn't gotten a babysitter yet and we all know you might as well forget about securing one last minute on the eve of a three-day weekend. We were in a bit of a predicament, so we thought about just taking Lil’ to a kid movie because she can wear these and looks so dang cute.

Lily is really sensitive to loud music and sounds (as are most children).
These cute little pink headphones reduce the loud noise and help prevent injury to her ears.
She is usually super duper good during movies, but I told Martin that we were rolling the dice if we were to take her because she is in a phase where she wants to sit on my lap, and then once she's on it, she wants to get off immediately. It’s a dance I didn’t feel like dancing. Plus, the only kid movies out were Spy Kids 15 and Cars 2 and both of those are far from a fun Friday night for us. Luckily, her big sis, Meredith, volunteered to come over and watch her, so I eagerly took her up on it.

Martin and I ended up going to sushi with friends and seeing the movie, Crazy, Stupid, Love. I love Steve Carell, and I think I loved this movie. I just hate it when they ruin a perfectly good film by throwing in gratuitous, raunchy stuff (e.g. babysitter photos=dumb!). I tend to over-think movies and become obsessed with tiny details in the storyline. Inconsistencies, poor editing, and obvious explanations intended for a stupid audience are grating on me. We aren’t stupid! So sometimes I’m a hard sell. But I would say it was pretty good and would give it a thumb almost up. (See The Help instead. Or even better, read the book!)

On Saturday, we got up fully intending to go boating in the morning and then maybe for a good bike ride in the evening. But when we got up that morning, we discussed how crowded the lakes were going to be and how busy the roads are where we live during a holiday weekend. We didn’t want to take a chance with Lily in the "Chariot." (No, she isn't a Roman soldier. It's a cart/carriage you hook to the back of your bike to carry/pull your kiddies.) Actually, I didn’t want to chance it by taking her on the busy road. (Martin is the perpetual risk taker. Have I mentioned that he just climbed Everest?) Back to zero. So instead of taking the boat out or going on a bike ride, we decided to just pull weeds. BORING!

Just as we were about to put on our “weeding” clothes, our friends, Amy and Rollin, sent us the text, “Parade starts in 10 mins.” What? Right then, I remembered that it was Swiss Days! I've lived in Utah for 11 years (not counting my college years at The B-Y) and had never gone to Swiss Days in Midway, Utah. I couldn't have been more excited, so I told Martin we were going to go because I couldn't let this opportunity pass me by once again. We drove up through Big Cottonwood Canyon over the Guardsman Pass and were in Midway in less than an hour. It was a beautiful drive. I am always awed when I realize how much beauty is literally right out our front door.

Back to Swiss Days. We watched the parade (all the fancified tractors you could ever dream of), listened to some yodeling, watched some dancing, ate cotton candy to our hearts' content, and went to all the booths we could given the suffocating crowd. We saw my friends Stacey, Liz and Melanie's booth, Bailey Baby Designs. Cute little T's for kiddos. But we didn't get to my friend Noelle's booth that sells jewelry for all you lady sports fans, First & Girl, cuz well, I had an accident that I'll explain later. (Sorry Noelle! I was on my way over, promise!) I did see these reupholstered couches and chairs that I thought were darling, but clearly have no business being in my ski lodge-esque house. However, I knew my sister, Courtney, would love them and the idea. She can reupholster a couch in an afternoon, so I thought I should at least take some photos for her reference. See. Super cute!

I didn’t take any more pictures because it was too hot and I tripped. Yeah, I tripped bad! I was just walking and talking with my friend, Amy, and walked right off the curb. It wasn’t just a small little dainty trip either. It was a huge “rolling up the windows with my arms fully extended, in slow motion, with a loud YELP, falling onto my hands and knees” kind of a trip!  Of course, I laugh now every time I think about it because it must have been horrifying to watch, and I can guarantee that the two teenagers, Dalton and Ashley, that were with us and had to witness the whole scuffle (aka me) go down are still laughing about it. I'm sure they’ll be doing reenactments of my fall for a good two months. I know I would. Not five minutes after I fell, we watched a woman in her late seventies fall into a ditch. We ran over to help and console her, call her husband, and get her over to her car and sit with her until he got there. Apparently, she had wandered off from him and somehow ended up at her car. (I hate getting old.)  She kept saying how embarrassed she was, but was quickly consoled when Amy said, “Oh don’t worry. She (pointing to me) just totally wiped out and fell too, so don’t be embarrassed.”  I just stood there and then sheepishly pulled my palms up so she could see my scrapes to prove it. After all that, we just needed the famous Midway Bee's Knees ice cream to cool off and reassess my damages. In the end, it really was a fun day, but I could have done without the trauma-rama moment. I've certainly seen more graceful days.

Sunday. This is a day full of church meetings and more church meetings in the Frey Family, so other than a few quick waves as we pass each other by in the hallway, we usually don’t see each other from about 7:30 in the morning until around 4:30 in the afternoon. This last Sunday was no exception. It consisted of the usual church meetings, dinner, a little U.S. Open, me picking some produce in our garden, and our weekly planning/calendaring session where we make sure we know what and where we are supposed to be during the week. This is when we also plan vacations and discuss other important factoids in our co-habitation efforts. I know, I know...only families with one child are able to do this effectively. Don’t judge. My sister's giggle about how very "Von Trapp-ish" our planning sessions are, but if we didn't, we'd forget it was a three-day weekend! Oops!

Fresh from the garden.
Today, Lily and I decided to get together with my littlest sis, Chelsey, her hubby, Dale, and my mom, Susan. Martin had a big project he had to finish before Tuesday night, so he stayed behind and worked on that (and watched a few hours of the U.S. Open, I'm sure:). Our little crew was so sick of being hot that we decided to head up to Park City since it tends to be at least 10 degrees cooler there. And it was!

*Bonus! While eating at a restaurant, I ran into some old friends and got to see their ridiculously cute little girl. Actually, I saw the family come into the restaurant earlier but didn’t notice my friends because my sister and I were oogling over their precious child. (We love babies!) I didn’t even put two and two together until I ran into my friend in the loo and she took me back to see her husband and THAT cute baby! (Kelly and Jason, if you're reading this, you need to make more of those!)

Here is a photo taken at lunch in Park City. It's my sis and her husband kidnapping Lily. (They're getting their own in less than 5 months, so hands off, Chel and Dale!) I thought I took pictures of me with Lil', but I guess I didn’t save them. Boo! But I was there, promise.

Chelsey, Dale, and Lily
According to Emily Post, no white after Labor Day, 
so I had to make sure we made use of these bad boys.
That, folks, was my weekend wrap-up. Nothin’ special, but fun nonetheless. I kinda like a pressure-less (I know not a word, but it is right now) weekend every so often. Here's hoping you didn't have to do any laboring on your Labor Day either.  Anybody do anything exciting?