Friday, August 26, 2011

41 and Pregnant

Lily = Perfection

I think I should begin by filling you in a little more on the back story behind Lily, so let's start at the top. I got pregnant five months after Martin and I were married. I know - fast in a worldly sense. But Martin and I didn’t have time to get comfortable with married life or to “get settled” for another year or so. Nope, my clock was a tickin’, so we had to crack that whip!

Lily was born in Utah on a very cold winter's night (even though I was in flip flops and a short-sleeve shirt when we arrived at the hospital - I was always so hot!). Everything about my pregnancy seemed difficult. Along with the perpetual seasickness, at three months along, I was as swollen as most women are at the end of their pregnancies, and I continued to swell and swell and swell until the day I gave birth. I could stick my finger into my leg and the indent left would hold its shape for a second or so before my skin would fill back up with water. Quite the party trick, right? My whole body looked and felt pregnant. I didn’t have high blood pressure once during my pregnancy nor did I ever get diagnosed with preeclampsia. I guess I just had a propensity to swell when pregnant. Who knew? Needless to say, I was completely uncomfortable and felt like a huge water balloon on legs - well, on water balloon legs.

My labor was intense and her birth was even more so, but we finally had our little girl in our arms, who we aptly called "Babygirl" Frey for an entire week because we couldn’t agree on a name. We eventually did decide on a name (though that story is worthy of its own post altogether), and Babygirl Frey then came to be known as Lily Faith Frey. Our angel. My best friend. And for just a moment, everything was perfect.

Photos by Lauriann Wakefield of Little Starling Photography